Detention Center Expansion Project

image illustration of the detention center expanison and renovation project

St. Mary’s County Detention Center Expansion and Renovation Project

Minimum Security Housing Unit Addition & Jail Renovations

Scope and need for this project.

Due to an increase in inmate population and the subsequent shortage of bed space, the contractual services of Carter Goble Lee, Inc. in association with L. Robert Kimball & Associates, Inc., Architects and Engineers, were procured to prepare the St. Mary’s County facility program submission to the State of Maryland for local jail capital improvement projects.

In 2005 the needs assessment conducted as part of the study projected the inmate population needs to be 519 by the year 2025. In order to meet the population bed needs as well as provide the infrastructure needed to support the bed needs, several concepts were developed. The concept which was proven to be most operationally and site efficient was a renovation and addition to the existing facility.

In the Summer of 2011, inmate population projections were updated and revised to 440 by 2025. With the reduction in the number of bed space required. The Design Capacity was revised from 524 to 460.

Due to budgetary constraints, St. Mary’s County has opted to approach the project in phases to address the immediate and future needs of the adult detention center. On November 21, 2012, the Board of County Commissioners removed Phase III - 64 Bed from the Project.

St. Mary’s County Adult Detention Center Projected Inmate Population Bed Needs
Design Capacity
Design Capacity of Current Facility
Phase I: Minimum Security Addition
5 (56 bed dormitory housing units) (5 X 56 = 280)
Housing Bed Sub-Total After Phase I Completion
Phase II: Jail Renovation
Less 50 Work Release and Work Dormitory beds as part of the renovation. Reduces the original design capacity from 230 to 180) (230 – 50 = 180)
Housing Bed Sub-Total After Phase II Completion

In addition to housing capacity, new construction will also address infrastructure needs of the St. Mary’s County Detention Center. The current facility’s infrastructure areas are stressed today and cannot support additional future capacity. New construction/renovation includes administrative offices, food service, laundry, maintenance, work release processing, program areas and offices, lobby and control spaces.

Jail Renovations

Scope and need for this project.

The current level of overcrowding has impacted service levels and the overall security of the existing operation. The intake area over usage has resulted in security compromises and slowed the pace of the intake and release function. Cells designed for temporary holding in the intake area are now being used for permanent housing of special needs inmates. The medical unit is not able to provide an appropriate level of service resulting in more transports to medical facilities and clinics, increasing staffing and security costs. Inmate housing in the work release areas has resulted in more incidences of the introduction of contraband and a compromise of space standards for appropriate housing spaces. Additional housing areas are compromised by housing inappropriate inmate classifications together, resulting in possible increases in inmate on inmate incidents. Food service area is not adequate for the current population.

Renovation includes improving and increasing critical support spaces to support the increased capacity as well as accommodate current operations. These include expanding medical and intake areas into the vacated kitchen space, expanding custody administration areas into the vacated administrative offices and the vacated work release and worker housing area. The vacated medical space will be renovated for expansion of infirmary capacity.

Project Phases

Phase I – Minimum Security Addition – The Project involves alterations and additions to the existing detention center to accommodate the projected increases in the inmate population. The analysis from the consultant team indicated that many of the existing support components would be unable to service the larger population. A two-store minimum security building that would house 280 male inmates in five dormitory housing units all on the second floor. The first floor of the addition would contain inmate and facility support components to serve the inmate population in the existing facility and its additions. These support components include food service, laundry service, commissary service, maintenance and warehouse. This addition would also include a work release processing area and locker room, program, and non-contact visiting space for inmates assigned to this addition. Also included in this addition is an expanded facility administration component for the combined facilities: Gross Square Footage: 82,460.

Project Schedule

• A/E Award March, 2010 (FY10)
• Solicitation Release May 2012 (FY12)
• Contract Award Date August 2012 (FY13)
• Construction Completion Date November, 2013 (FY14)

Phase II – Jail Renovations – Once the men’s minimum security addition is complete, inmates assigned to the existing dormitory would be moved to the new addition and the vacated space renovated to house an expanded custody administration component for the combined facilities. With food service moved to the new addition, the vacated space would be reconfigured to house an expanded intake component. The existing intake would remain operational in its current location and moved once renovations to the new area are completed. Once intake operations are relocated, the vacated existing intake area would be remodeled as a medical services clinic. The existing medical services component would then be renovated for use as the infirmary. A second addition provides a drive-through vehicle sally port sized for two buses or four smaller vehicles at any one time in two lanes. Gross Square Footage: 24,525.

Project Schedule

• A/E Award March, 2010 (FY10)
• Solicitation Release May 2012 (FY12)
• Contract Award Date August 2012 (FY13)
• Construction Completion Date November, 2013 (FY14)

Status Updates

• Beyond the Myths The Jail in Your Community
• Board of County Commissioners - Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Work Session
• Detention Center Expansion Staffing Analysis

Procurement Bid Documents

All St. Mary's County Government solicitations are posted on eMaryland Marketplace you are strongly encouraged to register with them. Notices are also posted on the County's website with directions to the solicitation on eMaryland.

Construction Images

Images from the Detention Center Expansion.
Coming “Projected” August of 2012.

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