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image of applicationThe St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office is an equal opportunity employer and encourages all those who meet the necessary requirements to apply.

Please refer to the “Deputy Sheriff Careers”, “Correctional Officer Careers”, or “Cadet Program” pages of our website (in the Employment tab above) to determine if you meet the requirements for the position before completing an application.

This application process is for those applying for a position as a Deputy Sheriff, Correctional Officer, or Cadet. There are thirteen (13) steps in our hiring process. The online application is referred to as the “Personal History Statement” and is the first step in the process. To review our complete hiring process please click on the following link - Hiring Process.


 Drugs • Used any type of illegal drug in the past three (3) years.
• Abused any prescription medication or other medication in the past three (3) years.
• Ever taken a hallucinogenic drug such as LSD, PCP, psilocybin(mushrooms), mescaline, ecstasy, etc.
• Used marijuana more than 20 times or more than 5 times after age 21.
• Used any other combination of illegal drugs more than 5 times or more than once after 21.
• Sold or distributed drugs whether you made money on the transaction or not.
 Convicted Been convicted of a crime as an adult or juvenile for which you could have been sentenced to more than one (1) year in jail in this state or any other state.
 Terminated Ever been terminated from a law enforcement agency or correctional/detention facility.
 Protective/Peace Order If you are currently the “Respondent” in a Protective or Peace Order.
 Gang  Been a member of a criminal gang.
 Military Discharge Been discharged from the military with less than an “Honorable” or “General” discharge.

To begin, please click on the following link to register and complete the Personal History Statement (PHS). Once you submit the PHS, you will be required to print the document, sign / initial where required, and mail or hand deliver it to the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office.

You must complete a Personal History Statement to apply

WARNING - You will have fifteen (15) days to complete the PHS upon registering. If you fail to submit your PHS within fifteen (15) days, you will be removed from the system and be required to re-register and start over from the beginning if you wish to apply for a position.
image of clock   This will take several hours to complete..............

You will need the following documents and information handy to complete the online Personal History Statement in a timely and correct manner:

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: (if applicable)

• Birth Certificate and/or Naturalization Papers
• Social Security Card
• Driver’s License
• Name Change Documents
• Marriage License
• Divorce Decree
• Military Separation Document DD214 Long Form
• Selective Service Registration Card / Certificate
• High School Records or GED
• College Records
• All Documents Related To Any Arrest To Include Police Report and Court Disposition
• Gun Permit Documents


Contact information includes name, address, telephone number, fax number, and email.

• Address History: residence history for the past ten (10) years or since the applicants 17th birthday to include landlords contact information and neighbors contact information.

• Children/Family: dates of birth, contact information for dependents not living with you, prior spouse, and family members.

• Driving History: driver’s licenses, traffic violations, and accident information.

• Education: dates attended high school / GED, college, specialized training, police or corrections academy, and contact information for each school.

• Employment/Volunteer: dates employed or volunteered, supervisor contact information and co-worker contact information.

• Military: branch, rank, enlisted dates, assignments / duty stations, service number, supervisor contact information, discharge information, separation codes, as well as any court martial or judicial information.

• Criminal History: criminal offenses/arrests, domestic violence, gang involvement, civil litigation, detainment/questioning, and fingerprint information to include dates, location, details, and court disposition.

• Finance: income, alimony, child support, and credit problems.

• Drugs: dates, types of drugs, circumstances / details.

• Gun Permits: permit number, county, and state.

• References: minimum of five (5) character references and contact information for each.

• Applications: previous applications with law enforcement or correctional facilities, to include date, position applied for, and agency contact information.

For questions, please contact the Personnel and Recruiting Section at

Mark Tasciotti
Recruiter/Background Investigator
301-475-4200 Ext. *1936
Mark Clark
Background Investigator
301-475-4200 Ext. *1909
Ernie Stephens
Background Investigator
301-475-4200 Ext. *1927
Mike Klotz
Background Investigator
301-475-4200 Ext. *1919
Jack Payne
Background Investigator
301-475-4200 Ext. *1925
June Smith
Human Resources Manager
301-475-4200 Ext. *1926

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