Lexington Park Community Policing

The Lexington Park COPs Unit was formed in August 2013, joining the Lexington Park community in working with neighborhood partners to address crime and quality-of-life issues impacting the residents and businesses of the area. Deputies of the COPs Unit work in the community on a daily basis, not only serving as law enforcement, but as community partners, employing community-based policing techniques to detect, distract, degrade and dismantle criminal activities. We recognize the importance of working with community partners and other service providers to improve the quality of life for all.

The Lexington Park COPs Unit hosts events for families and children such as the Cops and Bobbers fishing excursion, Beat the Heat (partnered with the St. Mary's County Metropolitan Commission), National Night Out and regular child safety seat installation events.

If you have a question about the program or live in Lexington Park and want to voice a concern, you can contact CopsUnit@stmaryscountymd.gov.