Responsibilities of the Sheriff

Photo of St. Mary's County

The responsibilities of the Sheriff as a Maryland Constitution Officer include the following:

  • Enforce all laws applicable to St. Mary's County and the State of Maryland
  • Management of the Detention and Rehabilitation Center
  • Security of the Court System
  • Service of Writs of Execution, Attachments, Body Attachment and Subpoenas for Civil and Criminal Court appearances
  • Protection of persons from loss of life or injury
  • Protection of property from loss or damage

There are five Divisions within the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office:

  • Patrol
  • Criminal Investigations and Vice/Narcotics
  • Special Operations
  • Corrections
  • Administrative

Within these divisions, some of the specialized sections include:

  • K-9 (both general duty and narcotics dogs)
  • Forensic Science section (Mobile Crime Lab)
  • Traffic Safety Unit
  • Child Support Enforcement Program
  • Community Policing
  • Lexington Park C.O.P. Unit
  • High School Resource
  • Emergency Services Team
  • Motors
  • Office of Professional Responsibilities
  • Training
  • Volunteers
  • Alcohol Enforcement
  • Crisis Intervention Team
  • Judicial Section
  • Emergency Response Team (Corrections)
  • Community Supervision