Detention Center Expansion Project

Since 2006, St. Mary’s County has evaluated several options to address the needs and deficiencies of the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center. In March of 2016, Sheriff Timothy K. Cameron after consultation with Corrections Division Staff, the Department of Public Works and Transportation officials and careful review of the Capital Improvement Budget and Program for Fiscal Year 2017, requested consideration for an alternative plan to the renovation project slated by the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County (CSMC).

The newest option approved by the CSMC is to add a housing unit to "support the female incarcerated individual populations through the year 2030, a new medical clinic and infirmary, an expanded laundry area, a new Pre-Trial Services Office Suite, new fire alarm system throughout, upgraded HVAC systems, and new central control room with an upgraded, fully integrated security system. In the interim, the new female housing unit serves as swing space to temporarily house incarcerated individuals displaced from their housing unit while infrastructure upgrades are installed."

Scope of Work:

  • Female Housing Unit

    • Swing Space to house incarcerated individuals during the renovation of the existing housing units, and
    • Once complete, dedicated housing for the female population.
      • 64 Beds
        • 48 General Housing. (6 8-bed cells).
        • 8 Special Housing. (4 double-bunk cells).
        • 8 Housing/Observation. (4 double-bunk cells).
  • Medical Unit

    • Clinic:
      • 2 Exam Rooms, Medical Treatment Room, X-Ray Room, pharmacy, and an incarcerated individual waiting area.
    • Offices: 3 Offices – Medical and Mental Health.
    • Housing:
      • 2 3-Bed Wards – Male and Female.
      • 2 Single Cells.
      • 2 Safety Cells.
      • 1 Negative Pressure Cell.
  • Main Control

    • Central Control.
    • Kitchenette.
    • Staff Toilet.


  • Existing Medical to Pre-Trial Services.
  • Laundry/Medical Holding Cells to Expanded Laundry.
  • HVAC.
  • Intercoms.
  • Security Control Room Upgrades.
  • Kitchen Floor.

Project Schedule:

Design Award: December, 2018 (FY19)
Break Ground: August, 2019 (FY20)
Completion of New Housing Area, Medical & Main Control: April, 2021 (FY21)
Begin Upgrades to Existing Facility: April, 2021 (FY21)
Completion Date: January, 2023 (FY23)

Procurement Bid Documents:

All St. Mary’s County Government solicitations are posted on eMaryland Marketplace . Notices are also posted on the County’s website with directions to the solicitation on eMaryland Marketplace.

Construction Partners

CDI L.R. Kimball

CDI L.R. Kimball Architect
(Aquired by TranSystems in May of 2021)

Scheibel Construction

Scheibel Construction

CSBI Construction Management

CSBI Construction Management
Christopher S. Bologna
President, CSBI
45220 Flintlock Ct
Hollywood, MD 20636

Construction Images:

Images from Ricci Greene Associates
Source: Facility Program Part I – Project Justification, August 8, 2016.

Detention Center Construction