Detention and Rehabilitation Center Emergency Response Team

The St. Mary's County Detention and Rehabilitation Center Emergency Response Team was formed to address the needs of maintaining control of a wide variety of volatile situations that occur within the corrections environment. These situations may include routine handling of dangerous incarcerated individuals, violent incarcerated individuals and riots.

All correctional officers on the E.R.T. are highly trained and dedicated personnel. They train frequently, in order to maintain the highest skill level possible in many techniques, such as speed handcuffing, cell extractions of passive and resisting incarcerated individuals, and pressure point control tactics.

Correctional Officers are assigned to the team on a voluntary basis. They are highly motivated and dedicated to the mission of the Corrections Division.

The Emergency Response Team enables the Sheriff's Office to deal with the potentially volatile situations that occur in the corrections field in the safest way possible for both the incarcerated individual and the correctional officer.