The goals and objectives of Vice/Narcotics will be to continue working on the investigation, apprehension, prosecution of illegal narcotic dealers and users and to continue in the effort to rid St. Mary’s County of persons and crimes associated with illegal drug activities. They will further continue their efforts in stopping any and all illegal vice activities such as prostitution, illegal gambling, etc. within St. Mary’s County.

The members of Vice/Narcotics are trained in the areas of drug investigation, detection and interdiction. This training is provided by numerous local, state and federal agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Administration. These investigators handle all levels of drug enforcement from street-level interdiction to long-term conspiracy investigations.

Vice/Narcotics uses many different tactics in the fight against drug crimes in St. Mary’s County. They are equipped with state of the art surveillance equipment and work with many local, state and federal agencies to achieve success in the apprehension of narcotics traffickers.

Although Vice/Narcotics has many assets in the area of surveillance and equipment, they rely on intelligence from sources such as the Patrol Division and citizens that are concerned for the safety and well-being of their children and neighborhoods.

The Hogan-Rutherford administration launched "Before It's Too Late," a new web portal designed to provide resources and raise public awareness of the rapid escalation of the evolving heroin, opioid, and fentanyl crisis in Maryland. The new website is a one-stop shop for individuals, families, educators, and health care professionals to get the educational resources they need to prevent this epidemic from spreading because education goes hand-in-hand with prevention. This public awareness effort also includes a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.