Emergency Services Team

Emergency Services Team Logo Photo

Since 1995, the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office Emergency Services Team has provided a ready response to situations that are beyond the capabilities of normally equipped and trained Sheriff's Office personnel. Since its inception, the Emergency Service Team members have affected the safe rescue of hostages, made entries on hundreds of high-risk search warrants, arrested violent persons and seized weapons and contraband.


In response to increased demand on the Vice/Narcotics Unit to serve search and seizure warrants, Sheriff Richard J. Voorhaar formed an eight-person Entry Services Team ("E.S.T"). After extensive physical testing, oral interviews and firearms qualifications, this eight-person team was specially trained and equipped to serve all high-risk search warrants. Soon thereafter, the original eight-person Entry Services Team evolved into a full service ("S.W.A.T.") team, with a complement of twelve highly trained, specially equipped personnel with broad capabilities.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Emergency Services Team maintains a state of readiness through regular training and evaluation. Several team members are Maryland Police Training Commission approved instructors in a variety of police and tactical disciplines. Training is conducted monthly and team members must re-qualify on tactical weapons systems, physical fitness tests and other specialized equipment. Team members attend various specialized tactical training throughout the United States.

The Emergency Services Team is trained and equipped to handle (but not limited to):

  • Hostage / Barricade Situations
  • Vice/Narcotics Search and Seizure Warrants
  • High-Risk / Felony Warrant Service
  • Surveillance / Stakeouts
  • Detention Center Incidents (uprisings, hazardous transports)
  • Protective Operations
  • Tactical Waterborne Operations
  • Civil Disturbance
  • Training Assignments
  • Equipment Maintenance